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Renewable Energy/Storage/ Development-Sustainability Innovation


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Our goal is to be an impactful Sustainability Movement led by members of the community. We are inspired by the belief that everyday people can shape and mold a society where everyone can achieve their true potential. MISSION STATEMENT: 'TO PUBLISH UP TO DATE FRENCH ENVIRONMENTAL AND SUSTAINABILITY MEDIA INFORMATION, TO ADVANCE ALL INDUSTRIES TO A SUSTAINABLY VIABLE FUTURE!'

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Video 1

ContentNew Citroën C4 & ë-C4 100%-ëlectric - World Premiere

27.5K subscribers

Opën the way. The next generation compact hatchback by Citroën is now unveiled. Watch the World Premiere video of New Citroën C4 & ë-C4 -100% ëlectric ⚡️Discover it now: 

Video 2

Ryad the gardener: Organic farming in the French projects

FRANCE 24 English

1.47M subscribers


Ryad is from a small working-class neighbourhood near the French city of Lille. Stuck in a meaningless job, he wanted to inject a sense of purpose into his daily life. For that, he looked to nature, trading the office for a life dictated by the seasons instead of deadlines. And he didn't keep his new-found passion to himself. Ryad also shares his new knowledge with the underserved neighbourhood where he grew up, by selling his produce locally and setting up community workshops.

Video 3
How ordinary French people are deciding France's climate action plan

The Local

6.53K subscribers


A climate council made up of 150 French people chosen at random have come up with a number of solutions for cutting carbon emissions by 40 percent in the next ten years, with everything from eating less cheese to limiting domestic flights on the cards.

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